Water treatment

Essentially, Novochem Water Treatment’s products ensure that water-carrying systems do not cause problems during various industrial processes. We condition these systems, whether they are used for cooling water, boiler water, sterilisation and pasteurisation water or waste water, and deliver custom solutions.

Our company can assist you not only with all regular water treatment programmes, but also, in particular, with sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, such as our NovoTraqua® products.

In addition to environmental aspects, we have also carefully considered how we can minimise the handling of our chemicals for the customer. Take our NovoFill system, for example, where Novochem products are delivered to the customer in pressure vessels. Our haulier empties these into the customer’s own dosing tanks. The empty pressure vessels are then taken away.

The advantage of this system is that the customer never comes into contact with the chemicals and does not have to dispose of any empty packaging.