Corporate Social Responsibility

Novochem Water Treatment is very attentive to sustainable operations

We provide environmentally friendly products and doing continuous research to improve our products in our own laboratory.

Large quantities of water are used in industry for industrial processes and cooling. This can lead to various problems, such as limescale formation, corrosion and microbiological contamination. To prevent blockages, damage to equipment, efficiency losses and, consequently, an inefficient production process, small quantities of water treatment chemicals are added to the water, such as inhibitors, antiscalants and biocides.

Regular water treatment chemicals are generally not biodegradable, or only to a very limited extent, and biocides can be highly toxic. When water is discharged these products can end up in groundwater or surface water.

MVONovochem Water Treatment carries out research into alternatives to these regular water treatment chemicals on an ongoing basis. We have developed an alternative product range based on biopolymers, for example. These completely biodegradable products have been used successfully on the market for a number of years now under the name NovoTraqua®.

Novochem Water Treatment also offers a biological alternative to current chemical biocides, which are often highly toxic. This product, Biomeba®, is a 100% biological and biodegradable solution that can be used to prevent microbiological contamination in cooling systems, in particular legionella.

Novochem Water Treatment believes that innovation is crucial. We are therefore constantly striving to develop new technologies or identify suitable partners to carry out this work with us. Our aim is to deliver the best possible service to you as our customer and minimise the impact on the environment.