NovoSteam is a range of products that protect condensate networks

NovoSteam KetelwaterThe NovoSteam product line protects boiler water systems against corrosion

NovoSteam is a range of products that protect condensate networks. Thanks to the neutralising, film-forming and oxygen-binding properties of these products, all forms of corrosion can be prevented.

When water is heated inside a boiler substances are produced that can cause all kinds of problems. Some common problems can be attributed to insufficient water treatment and inadequate water analyses. Corrosive substances in the water and/or condensate in the water tank, boiler or condensate system can result in serious damage. In most cases corrosion is due to the presence of oxygen or carbon dioxide. A number of elements in the water can also lead to undesirable limescale deposits. These inhibit heat transfer and reduce system efficiency. When these deposits build up the heat exchangers can overheat. Foam produced by incorrect water treatment can also cause problems in the system. Corrosion and limescale build-up will shorten the life of elements, valves, pipes and connected installations.

Treatment of boiler water
Do you want to soften and desalinate your boiler feed water? With its NovoSteam products Novochem Water Treatment offers you sustainable solutions that will save you money on energy and maintenance. By preventing corrosion and limescale build-up in your boilers, you will also optimise the life of your boiler system.

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