NovoFloc helps you treat your waste water responsibly

NovoFloc grofvuilroosterThe NovoFloc product line is a range of flocculants for treating waste water flows

Standards relating to the discharge of waste are becoming ever stricter. This presents many companies with a problem. After all, water in cooling or production processes cannot be endlessly reused. The NovoFloc range helps you treat your waste water responsibly and manage your costs.

NovoFloc polymers can be divided into anionically, cationically and non-ionically charged products. In addition to these different charges, Novochem Water Treatment also offers various charge densities, chain lengths and branched polymers. This extensive range, combined with our expertise, allows you to benefit from a reliable treatment tailored to your specific situation.

NovoFloc is a liquid mixture for the treatment of waste water based on a cationic flocculant with a high molecular mass and aluminium salts. It reduces or eliminates the use of inorganic flocculants and offers the following advantages:

  • wider pH range for flocculation
  • reduction in use of caustic soda
  • reduction in sludge produced
  • improved treatment

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