NovoCor tackles corrosion and limescale

NovoCor products contain corrosion inhibitors for cooling and process water

A corrosion inhibitor is a substance added to Novocor in a low concentration that reduces the corrosion rate of metals. Corrosion inhibitors are used in water systems.
This product group protects metals in water-carrying systems against corrosion. Novocor products optimise the efficiency of your installation and have a minimal environmental impact, making them a perfect solution. Their specific inhibiting and dispersant properties also guarantee the durability of your installation, as deposits such as limescale are removed or prevented.

Cooling watNovocorer treatment
Hard water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium ions and is less corrosive than soft water. The salts in hard water are partially deposited on the surface of the metal and form a protective layer. The most commonly used inhibitors are silicates, phosphates and phosphonates. Sodium silicate, for example, is used in many domestic water softeners to prevent rusty water. In hot water systems in which carbonic acid is present sodium silicate protects steel, copper and brass. This protection is not always reliable, however, and depends to a large extent on the pH. Phosphates need oxygen to provide effective protection.

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