NovoClear has been developed to coagulate contaminants in water

The NovoClear product line is a range of coagulants for treating waste water flows


In addition to its NovoFloc polymers, Novochem Water Treatment also offers coagulants under the name NovoClear. NovoClear has been developed to coagulate contaminants in water. This is a liquid product that is dosed in its pure form. NovoClear is frequently used to recycle process water or treat surface water to make it suitable for use as process water.

Contaminated water contains three groups of substances. In decreasing order of size these are: suspended solids, colloidal particles and dissolved substances. Colloidal or floating particles have a diameter of less than 1 micron, a negative charge and are stable in water: they do not settle by themselves like suspended solids eventually will. If you add coagulants, such as iron or aluminium chloride, the negative charge of the colloidal particles is neutralised by the positive charge of the metal ions in the iron or aluminium. This neutralisation of the charge destabilises the colloidal solution – particles no longer repel each other, but instead clump together. These coagulated particles will settle or float, allowing them to be removed from the water. You can speed up this process by also adding flocculants (NovoFloc) to the water.

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