NovoClean Ox is a safe alternative for biocides

Novochem Water Treatment Exclusive distributor Biomeba® in the Benelux region

In Europe there is increasing pressure to avoid toxic biocides. For companies that use these products it is becoming increasingly difficult to comply with European regulations. They are also not in keeping with the ambition of sustainable development. Novochem Water Treatment therefore works with an amoeba-based biological alternative. Biomeba® ‘eats’ and destroys bacteria such as legionella and does not harm the environment. This microbiological process makes water treatment a good deal greener.

Update May, 2018:
The European Commision did not approved the usage of Biomeba® as a biocide for product-type 11 (PT 11 – Preservatives for liquidcooling and processing systems). The French company Amoéba, will continue to develop the product and will request for a new approval.
See also: Press release non approval Biomeba by European Commission

Biomeba is an alternative to environmentally damaging biocide treatments. Novochem Water Treatment is the exclusive distributor of Biomeba® in the Benelux region.




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