Solution for pulp blockage in paper machines

Novochem cruciaal voor papiermachinesHuhtamaki located in franeker, Netherlands BV is an internationally oriented company that deals with the development, production and sales of environmentally friendly packaging made of moulded fibre for foods.

Huhtamaki Netherlands stands with her more than 200 employees for quality, flexibility and innovation. The company is certified for ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001 and 50001, BRC, FSC certification.

In the production location in franeker they use surface water as cooling and process water for the vacuum pumps, heat exchangers and paper machines in a largely closed system. In the pulp process they only use recycled paper, which makes the process a high degree of pollution water and microbial activity. Through a combination of high hardness and save process temperature hardness salts (lime) down in the system. Pipes, pumps and heat exchangers were clogged with the lime, making progress and the efficiency of the production process impacted

Laboratory compare
For the assessment of the hardheidstabiliserende properties of a product is in the laboratory of Novochem used several static and dynamic test methods. For Huhtamaki is a comparison made between the polymer in use at the time-fosfonaatproduct and a product of Novochem based on biodegradable biopolymers.

An important aspect is the microbiological stability of the biopolymer program: the biodegradability of the biopolymer an undisturbed functioning in the system should not get in the way. Despite a long residence time, a high degree of pollution and the presence of micro-organisms in the system of Huhtamaki, showed the biopolymer product sufficiently stable to an optimal functioning in the system and thus to ensure undisturbed litigation.

Not only the environmental benefits, but also the proper functioning of biopolymers make it interesting to make use of such innovative technology. Without increasing water treatment cost is the production efficiency of Huhtamaki increased and the maintenance costs are decreased compared to the traditional polymer-fosfonaatproduct.

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