Novochem Water Treatment

Water is used in industrial processes for heating and cooling. This can lead to problems such as corrosion, sedimentation and microbiological contamination. Novochem Water Treatment offers products and expertise that can help you prevent these problems, ensuring your processes run smoothly.Products that are commonly used to prevent corrosion and sedimentation problems are not biodegradable, or only to a very limited extent, and therefore have an impact on the environment. Novochem Water Treatment has developed environmentally friendly alternatives, such as NovoTraqua®, which our customers have been working with successfully for a number of years. NovoTraqua® is recognised as a Best Available Technology (BAT).

Novochem Water Treatment’s products are used for treating cooling water, boiler water and waste water, as well as for sterilisation and pasteurisation in the food industry.

Our specialists work with you closely and advise you on the best water treatment product to use in your specific situation. Please feel free to contact us.